Network Technology (NET)

Synopsis at NET

  • The NET stream caters to students with a keen interest in the principles of computer network design, operation, and troubleshooting
  • A substantial component of the curriculum at Algonquin College revolves around the esteemed Cisco certifications, including CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE (CCIE attainable after a minimum of 2 years in the industry). This comprehensive program offers a unique pathway for individuals seeking to enhance their professional prospects by obtaining Cisco Certifications. Additionally, the program encompasses a diverse array of network certifications from renowned industry corporations, further expanding the range of valuable credentials available to students
  • This stream covers a varity of skills and topics such as:
    • Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics
    • Communication and Buisness skills
    • Cisco/Nokia Networking and learning to understand, configure, troubleshoot networking devices/networks
    • Web Development and SQL Database
    • Skills in C/C++, Java, Python, Assembly, and possibly more!
    • And numerous other opportunities are available!
  • Gain the valuable opportunity to work at renowned North American companies through the Cooperative Education program. For further insights into the workings of the Coop program at BIT, please visit our dedicated Cooperative page

Admission Requirements

To ascertain the precise prerequisites for program enrollment, we recommend referring to Carleton University's Admissions Page. This valuable resource provides comprehensive information tailored to your specific circumstances, encompassing prerequisite courses, grade cutoff ranges, and the application procedure. Ensure to consult the webpage for accurate and detailed requirements pertinent to your application.

Make sure to set Program of Interest to Information Technology under the Admission Requirements Section

Quick Links

Below are links to places where you can find important information about the NET Stream at BIT:

  • Course Path - View a topology of the entire program in a flowchart format
  • Course List - View all the course information broken down by year
  • Course Outlines - View any course outlines from the program
  • Schedule - View a student timetable of the possible course timings you can take (Note: Timings are subject to change)
  • Graduate Studies - Relevant information on advancing your IT-NET education